CULTI MILANO, Italy: Handcrafted in Italy, CULTI offers excellent materials and fine craftsmanship down to the smallest detail.  Nothing is left to chance; everything is studied, defined and created to produce pleasurable olfactory perceptions evoked by Mediterranean culture.

LALIQUE Voyage de Parfumeur, Paris:  Lalique’s unique know-how covers various fields from crystal-making to jewelry and perfume. With its line of scented candles called "Voyage de Parfumeur", Lalique combines the arts of perfume and decoration and invites you to an olfactory trip through perfumery’s most beautiful ingredients and the world’s dream destinations. Welcome on board!

For its Voyage de Parfumeur candle line, Lalique has drawn its inspiration from the Swallow, its emblem. The swallow is a migrator traveling the world to find the best places to be; the perfumer travels the world to find the most beautiful fragrant raw materials. The Voyage de Parfumeur range allows olfactory exoticism to enter homes with elegant and modern luxury.

ME & MATS, Amsterdam:  100% Handmade Happiness!  ME & MATS mission is to offer the most authentic, inspirational and fun must-have feel good candles.  Seize the unforgettable moments with yourself, family and friends with a 100% handmade ME & MATS candle.  

RAINE & HUMBLE, Australia:  Based in Melbourne, Australia, R&H's sole objective is to beautify homes with a blend of classical antiquity and innovative modernity. With dynamic and continually evolving new product lines, R&H continue to create new home decor trends. From whimsical lively patterns to classic European styles and timeless designs, Raine and Humble home linens, décor accessories, furnishings and kitchen clothing deliver uniqueness and appeal as a fundamental characteristic.

WATERL'EAU Bath Essentials, Belgium: Waterl’eau presents a unique range of bath cosmetics around a central theme: Waters of the World. The rich aroma’s and nourishing ingredients of some of the world’s most beautiful regions are brought to your bathroom.